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March 12, 2007


Nathan Garrett

Glad to hear that you're using ElggSpaces, it's a fantastic platform. We've been using Elgg at Claremont Graduate University (California) for almost a year now, and my lab's been using it as a research platform to understand how to better support doctoral education. We've actually developed a plug-in that helps people assemble more of a portfolio on elgg through an easy to use wiki. You can see a class project example at . I'm ironing out some bugs before it'll be suitable for the latest version of Elgg, but you may like using it on Elgg Spaces. Also, if you're interested in researching how students are using the blogs (& feel like being a co-author on some papers), I'd love to talk in more detail.

- Nathan

Anne Bartlett-Bragg

Hi Nathan!
Thanks for letting us know about your work with Doctoral students - I've passed this on to our Doctorial Co-ordinator who will be really interested!
I'm actually in the process of completing my own PhD on the use of weblogs in adult learning - I've been using weblogs in my practice as a lecturer and corporate educator since 2000 and really looking forward to submitting my thesis... nearly there!
Please get in touch if you're interested in co-authoring papers!
ABB ;-)

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