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This site is authored by Anne Bartlett-Bragg (ABB)- MEd (Adult Education), BEd (Adult Education), Dip HRM, Dip e-Learning, Cert IV TAA, PhD candidate.
Most recently I have launched Headshift Australasia as Managing Director. While building the business I'm in working on completing my PhD thesis for submission end of 2010. Additionally, I'm a sessional academic in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). I develop and deliver e-Learning subjects - in the organisational context.
As Executive Director of the Learning Technologies User Group (LTUG), I actively support the Australian education industry - particularly Higher Education, Vocational Education & Organisational Development practitioners. I'm the educational advisor for the Australian Businesswomen's Network - where we launched the highly successful MentorNet program delivered entirely in a mash-up of social software.

My particular area of research in e-Learning is digital dialogues or the communication and the social aspects of learning with technologies and how this can be used to enhance learning.
I commenced my PhD in this field in March 2004 and expect (all going to plan) to submit my thesis for examination in 2010.

Recent conference presentations:
Headshift/Dachis Group Social Business Summit
25 March 2010, Sydney

AITD DeMystifying Webinars Series
February/March 2010

ARK Designing eLearning
Melbourne, Australia
9-10 February, 2010

My Presentations on SlideShare

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researching, when i'm not lecturing, blogging and writing i spend most of my time training behaviourally dysfunctional dogs.